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Buy a license here to get permission to sell products sewn according to the BAGONEY patterns.
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You want to sell your sewn BAGONEY products?

Then it is important that you purchase a license here and state the license number for sales.
This license applies:
- for 1 e-book
- is limited to 1 year
- for an unlimited number of sewn bags

This extension license is only valid upon receipt of the license number. This is generated manually and emailed to you as quickly as possible within a few days.

  • The purchase of a BAGONEY e-book already includes a basic license for the sale of 10 individual items.

    With the extension license you can sell your bags made according to this pattern commercially for 1 year from the date of purchase. You must renew the license yourself after it expires if you want to continue using the pattern commercially. You have to purchase the corresponding pattern separately, it is not part of this license. The license is non-transferrable and non-returnable.

    Please include your blog/shop/company name in the order notes.

  • An additionally issued document with the corresponding license number is valid as proof of license with a personal license number - this will be sent as a PDF file by e-mail within 3-7 working days after receipt of payment. Please sign this document and send it back to Only then is the contract valid!
    Your license number and the title of the e-book must be mentioned in the item description for online sales, with a link if necessary.

    Mass production and hiring professional seamstresses is not allowed!

    If the license conditions are violated, the license expires automatically, stock goods can still be sold 2 months after the license expires.