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Sewing pattern BASY fanny pack - paper instructions

Sewing pattern BASY fanny pack - paper instructions

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A simple bum bag pattern with only two pattern pieces sewn in under an hour in paper form!
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Sew your fanny pack!

- Illustrated instructions on paper with over 80 photos
- Pattern in A4 format included
- Perfect for beginners
- Instructions and pattern will be sent to your home!

  • The BASY bum bag is a perfect project for beginners as it is quick to cut and sew (less than an hour). The instructions with over 80 photos show step by step how the BASY is sewn. The special thing about the BASY are its corners, which are super easy to sew and always come out perfect. But this project is also very suitable for advanced users, as the fanny pack allows for many variations. Optionally, you can sew a pocket inside.

  • © 2021 All rights to this manual belong to Leonie Feitenhansl – BAGONEY. If you want to sell more than 10 bags, please purchase an expansion license in the shop.
    Copying and passing on the instructions and pattern pieces is not permitted. No liability can be accepted for errors in the instructions.