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Bag BAYASN - By and for the community

I had the idea of making a bag as the third product in the BAGONEY range right from the start. It should be a mixture of a casual jute bag and an elegant shoulder bag. When I was working on the product it was 2020 and the corona pandemic was at its peak.

I took the chance and included the whole community in the design process in my insta stories. I let the community decide everything, from the length and width of the handles, to the height and depth of the bag, to the design of the interior.

Again and again I showed the prototype in use in my story and together we decided what needed improvement and what was good. This is how the BAYSAN became a community product and the best-selling product to date. The bag is now available in over 10 colors in the shop and there are always limited editions for winter or summer.

Everyone who loves BAGONEY has at least one BAYSAN hanging in their closet. It is planned and designed by the community and me down to the last detail and is therefore perfectly tailored to you.
Do you also have a BAYSAN hanging in the closet?

Your Leonie
Founder of BAGONEY

Here is the bag

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Hallo liebe Leonie,
wird es dann von der schönen BAYSAN auch mal ein Schnittmuster für die Hobbynäherinnen zu kaufen geben?
Das wäre super.
Liebe Grüße

Michaela Rickert

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