Bauchtasche BASY - unverhofft kommt oft! - bagoney

Fanny pack BASY - the unexpected often happens!

The story of how BASY was founded began at a time when the world was being ruled by Corona. I started designing and selling sewing patterns and e-books to inspire my customers to sew BASY at home. But the demand was so high that I decided to also offer the finished product in my online shop.

BASY is available in three different sizes: Mini, Medi and Maxi. The best-selling size is the Medi, as it offers enough space for everything you want to take with you on an excursion. At first, the bag was only available in one fixed combination: dusky pink corduroy, which is so typical for BAGONEY. BASY is now also available in dark gray and light blue corduroy.

I wore all three sizes myself everyday as the sheer simplicity of the product allows them to be paired with anything. With BASY, I have implemented another new and innovative idea: In the online shop, customers can configure and put together their BASY themselves. There you can choose from many different colors for cord, cotton and webbing. This configuration option has proven to be very successful and is still widely used today.

In 2022, the BASY fanny pack in petrol corduroy with a colorfully woven, high-quality ribbon from Greece was featured in a newspaper article and has since challenged the BAYSAN bag to be the most popular BAGONEY product.

Have you ever tried to put together a fanny pack yourself?

Your Leonie
Founder of BAGONEY

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