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Bumbag BANLEY - The first product in the range

The founding story of BANLEY bum bag began with the desire for a bag that is sporty and elegant at the same time. I've always felt the need to have my hands free, whether I was shopping, hanging out with friends, or at the club. So it was clear to me that BAGONEY had to have fanny packs in their range, and not just one.

BANLEY bum bag was one of BAGONEY's first two products, along with another bum bag model that is no longer available due to low demand. I always design and plan my bags around my own needs as I want to be 100% behind my product in front of and behind the camera. I put each prototype through its paces for several weeks prior to production to ensure the product meets your expectations.

The BANLEY fanny pack is more complicated to sew due to the attached front pocket and is therefore one of the more expensive BAGONEY products. It should be the sportier model, which still has a touch of elegance thanks to the attached pocket. Thanks to the corduroy finish, it adapts perfectly to the curve of the body.

Back then, the BANLEY fanny pack was only available in two combinations: one with dusky pink corduroy, which is so typical of everything from BAGONEY, and one in sand corduroy with a contrasting strap in bright orange. In the meantime, the colors dark gray and light blue have been added. The BANLEY fanny pack is and remains one of my favorite products in the range.

Have you already toyed with the idea of ​​buying a BANLEY?

Your Leonie
Founder of BAGONEY

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