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Fabric package backpack BACKSY

Fabric package backpack BACKSY

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A bundle of fabric to sew a backpack BACKSY after the pattern of BAGONEY.
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That's all there

1m x 1m cord
30cm x 70cm faux leather
1m x 1m inner fabric
1m x 90cm thin fleece
1m x 1m thick fleece
20cm zipper + zipper
2x 25mm sliders
2x O ring

  • This package contains everything you need to sew a BACKSY backpack. Cloth, fleece and accessories. So you can get started right away!

  • The cord is intended for the outer bag and the straps, the cotton for the inner bag. You can make the flap from the piece of imitation leather, either on both sides or just inside or outside, you can make the bottom out of it and/or the inside pocket. For more inspiration, take a look at the finished BACKSY in my shop or on Instagram under the hashtag #backsy #rucksackbacksy.

    Happy sewing!